Professional Vocal Associations

Professional Vocal Associations Robert Lunte (CEO/Founder TVS)

Robert Lunte is an active member-, chair person- ,and initiator of several professional vocal associations, boards and communities for singers, vocal instructors, and other initiatives in the music industry, including the following professional vocal associations:

The Grammy Foundation

The Grammy Foundation – Pacific Northwest Chapter

Associate member of The GRAMMY Foundation – (Pacific NW Chapter) cultivates the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of recorded music to American culture.


Certified Honorary VIDLA Professional for Contemporary Vocal Teaching – VIDLA is a leading provider of distance-learning courses for vocalists and singing teachers working in Contemporary Vocals.

The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)

The National Association of Teachers of Singing-The largest association of teachers of singing in the world.

The Voice Foundation

The Voice Foundation-The world’s oldest and leading organization dedicated to voice medicine, science, and education. The Foundation is committed to enhancing the gift of vocal communication through research, an annual symposium, producing scientific publications and educational videos and disseminating information through the media to raise awareness of voice care.

The Modern Vocalist World (TMV World)

Founder & CEO of The Modern Vocalist Robert Lunte is the founder and CEO of The Modern , an interactive website that offers members a cutting-edge social network that connects vocalists, musicians and lovers of the voice with subject matter experts The Modern is the only international social network community exclusively dedicated to singers.

TC-Helicon Voice Council

Founder and Director of the TC-Helicon Voice Council – Was responsible for developing and taking to market a unique, educational online community for vocal instructors, voice scientists, producers, engineers, artists and singers for the purpose of boosting TC-Helicon brand awareness, credibility and impacting product revenues. Efforts eventually resulted in incubating one of the world’s first vibrant online vocal communities for what became Voice Council Magazine.