Alice in Chains Tribute

Alice in Chains Tribute

Alice in Chains Tribute - Seattle VocalistsAn Alice In Chains tribute: why now? You may have heard that Alice in Chains are hard at work on a new album, according to friend of the band and Heart frontwoman Ann Wilson they’re making great progress.

Alice In Chains & The TVS Method

The cool bit that you may not know is that the amazing singers Ann Wilson, and  the late Layne Stanley were taught the TVS Bridge and Connect method.

They were taught by Robert Lunte’s vocal coach; Maestro David P. Kyle. The legacy that Robert continues today.

And I think we can agree those vocals were incredible! So you know TVS works! Your next step is to contact us to find out more.

Update About The New Alice In Chains Album

For those of you who haven’t heard, here’s the album update:

“I saw those guys just yesterday,” said Ann. “I went over to visit them in the studio where they were working on some new stuff – they sound amazing! How can Jerry [Cantrell] not sound amazing, but I mean, it really does – they’re a monster.”

The album will be the follow-up to 2009’s Black Gives Way to Blue – the first Alice in Chains album to feature singer William DuVall (in place of the late Layne Staley), Here’s what Ann had to say about her collaboration with the band on 1992’s Sap EP.

Alice In Chains & The Seattle Music Scene – Rock & Roll History

“Well, it came about from just us all hanging out together in social situations. In Seattle [This is where Maestro David P. Kyle lived and where Robert Lunte is based], it’s a pretty tight music scene, especially in those years,” she said. “We’d all show up at each other’s gigs and then come back to usually my house, because my house is central. We’d hang out and I just got to know the Alice guys, especially Jerry the most, at first.

“And then pretty soon, they were working and they had this song that needed a high voice and they wanted a woman, but not just anybody. So they asked me and it was really fun –  it was like crossing over some kind of taboo line, you know, because we were considered to be an ’80s band, but we weren’t — we were really just a band.”

The Vocalist Studio is proud to be a part of this rock and roll history and we can’t wait to hear the album.

Alice in Chains Tribute: Robert Lunte, founder of The Vocalist Studio International sings “Rooster”.

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