Maestro David Kyle

Maestro David Kyle, Legendary Contemporary Voice Coach

Maestro David Kyle & Robert Lunte

Maestro David P. Kyle & Robert Lunte


Vocal teacher for rock, metal and jazz singers for over 50 years, David Kyle, The “Maestro” became a local Seattle icon and was considered by the industry to be one of the best vocal instructors for contemporary singers in the country. Unique to the “Maestro’s” approach was his method for expanding vocal range into multiple “registers”, while eliminating psychological barriers that hinder singers’ freedom of expression, by use of creative visualization techniques. Use of amplification and embracing technology was also an important part of the “David Kyle” experience. The innovation of training with amplification continues. At TVS, vocalists not only enjoy working with a full PA system, but do so on a live, 260 seat staged facility in downtown Seattle, WA.

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