Voice Lessons In Seattle

Voice Lessons In Seattle: Join Vocal Coach Robert Lunte In His Seattle Vocal Studio

You can now have voice lessons in Seattle from world renowned voice instructor Robert Lunte, founder of TVS and author of The Four Pillars Of Singing.

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Learn Cutting Edge Vocal Techniques And Expand Your Range

You will train to sing through both vocal registers seamlessly

by learning to “Bridge and Connect” in revolutionary vocal workouts that will unlock your hidden vocal potential.

Learn the latest singing techniques:

vocal distortion, vocal twang, vowel modification and radically increase your range to 4+ Octaves.

Learn to replace Falsetto with a full, powerful “boomy” head voice

for a convincing performance and range.

Stop choking and breaking on your high notes

and achieve high notes without much effort from now on.

Join Robert Lunte in learning new vocal distortion techniques

from his “The Four Pillars Of Singing” vocal training system and amaze your audience.

Drill proven methods and programs of 37 key vocal workouts

that Robert Lunte designed to build your voice into a show stopping instrument or “High Performance Voice”. Become a Vocal Athlete!

Train with Seattle’s own world-class voice coach: Robert Lunte

the author of The Four Pillars Of Singing vocal training system and founder of The Vocalist Studio, who’s methods are recognized and trained around the world.

Learn about the TVS Formant Package

and Intrinsic Anchoring, Vocal Modes and other cutting-edge concepts that have made TVS a recognized innovator in voice technique the world over .

You will learn both kinds of TVS screams:

ESP’s (Extreme Scream Pitch) and ESD’s (Extreme Scream Distortion).

Enjoy the extensive coaching of a recognized vocal expert

on your singing, your music projects, auditions and preparations for the studio.

voice lessons in Seattle: buy now



join Robert Lunte for voice lessons in his Seattle studio

Seattle Voice Teacher, Robert Lunte

voice training in Seattle with Robert Lunte

Voice Training & Coaching in Seattle with Robert Lunte

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